Board of Parole

Protecting the Public by Conducting Informed Hearings

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to protect the public by conducting informed hearings in order to make careful and equitable parole decisions and credible recommendations to the Courts and the Board of Pardons.

Our Goals are to use appropriate Department of Correction and community resources to facilitate the offenders successful transition from confinement to community and family reintegration and to return promptly to prison those offenders who demonstrate an unwillingness to abide by the law and/or pose a risk to the public.

Our Responsibilities To Delaware Citizens are to select individuals for parole who will succeed as law-abiding citizens and to keep incapacitated longer or return to prison quickly those offenders who are a danger to the community.

Our Responsibilities To Victims are to encourage views and information from crime victims and their families and to respond positively to requests for information and notification.

Our Responsibilities To Offenders are to use consistent criteria when considering release and to order appropriate supervision and parole conditions which support rehabilitative opportunities.

Our Responsibilities To the Criminal Justice System are to collaborate with all components of the system in support of a system which is fair, efficient and accountable.

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